Bows-N-Ties X Haxby

Five accessory combinations to elevate your style in 2017

Bows-N-Ties and Haxby combined stylistic forces to create five menswear combinations that highlight the possibilities of mindful accessorizing.

Round Green SunglassesCrested TieLinen Pocket Square

Accessorizing adds range to your fashion staples. Smarten up you suiting with a crested tie and ivy green sunglasses. 

Square Blue SunglassesBlue Plaid TieLinen Pocket Square

We're obsessed with everything blue. This trio mixes shades and textures of modern blues to create a fashion forward collection worth obsessing about.

Big Tortoise SunglassesGingham TieGingham Pocket Square

Tortoiseshell and gingham make a powerhouse combo that gives a nod to the menswear classics without looking dated. These heritage browns have an air of coveted distinction.

Square Black SunglassesStriped TiePolka Dot Pocket Square

This modern and masculine trio keeps things sharp, sophisticated and simple. Sidestep the trends and stick to the high contrast panache of black and white.

Big Red SunglassesHerringbone TieLinen Pocket Square

Consider burgundy your statement accent color and your neutrals will thank you. This alluring trio instantly adds glamor to your seasonal basics.