So often when travelling, whether it's for pleasure or work, we find ourselves with a limited amount of time to spend in some of the most amazing, yet often overlooked cities in the world. We will help you turn your layover into a full-bodied experience. From stunning lake views, nightclubs, and even the first vegetarian restaurant. Let us be your guide to an amazing 36hrs in Zurich, Switzerland.

Switzerland’s biggest city boasts a wealth of both historical and modern attractions. Extensive pedestrian areas make it easy to discover the well-preserved old town on both sides of the Limmat river, while the modern city spreads to Lake Zurich. With over 50 museums and 100 galleries, Zurich is considered to be one of the world’s leading cities of art. Here are a few Haxby approved spots to make sure your time is well spent in this truly beautiful city...




The Dolder Grand


If you are lucky enough to have a substantial budget while travelling, we suggest you find your way to The Dolder Grand Zurich. The perfect setting for a stay you will never forget – in beautiful natural surroundings, bolstering a fantastic view of the city, with the Swiss Alps as your backdrop. The hotel is on the edge of the Adlisberg forest, just a few minutes from the city centre, a truly spectacular hotel that has a history dating back over 100 years. Guests have included, Henry Kissinger, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Heinz Rühmann, Sophia Loren, Curd Jürgens, Roger Moore, Artur Rubinstein and Prince Charles. If a stay here is not within your budget, we highly suggest you stop in for a business lunch, not only does it excite all your senses but it’s a reasonably priced experience. Be sure to walk through the hotel and view their expertly curated collection of artwork, including a 7-meter large painting by Andy Warhol.







The Kinski nightclub, created by co-owner Martin Stricker, Zurich’s last metal rock star, who is no stranger to the nightlife of Zurich. After opening many successful clubs in the city, this is probably the pinnacle of that experience. Expect a wide variety of sights and sounds. Not limited to rock music, you will find indie, ska, even Swiss pop. Hosting at least one concert a week, we highly suggest you make a stop here once the lights go out. Find your inner rock star and party till the sun comes up!







The Hiltl, founded in 1898 is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant - according to the Guinness World Records - and is famous for its buffet with over 100 expertly created dishes. It is a spacious two story casual restaurant, a perfect place to grab a bite for lunch after sightseeing or a morning at the lake. For the vegetarian enthusiasts, the Hiltl has a bar, cooking classes, as well as a nightclub. Whatever you decide to partake in here, we can promise you will walk away feeling better about life.





Hotel Villa Honegg


If you're looking to simply find peace and relaxation in your 36 hours in Zurich. This is is the place. Seriously, look no further. Set high above Lake Lucerne you will find the relaxation and privacy you're seeking. Just a short drive from Zurich, you find yourself in the quaint city of Lucerne. And set above that is the Hotel Villa Honegg, opened in 1905; it has since been remodeled to meet any level of modern day expectations. From the infinity pool, you will forget about every detail that brought you here. A world-class spa will reinforce your feeling of escape, and if peace is your pleasure, you may not want to leave. It also makes for a great day trip, to enjoy some small bites on the terrace or just take in the unforgettable views.







Set on the banks of the Limmat RIver that runs through the heart of Zurich, The Fraumunster, founded in 853 by King Louis the German, this church with its convent was inhabited by the female members of Europe’s aristocracy. The convent had considerable influence and enjoyed the patronage of many kings, and up until the thirteenth century the abbess had the right to mint coins. Not only a Zurich landmark, it provides one with a stunning view of Switzerland’s past.




Le Corbusier Pavillon


Designed by world-famous Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. Also his last, is located on Lake Zurich. The Swiss architect planned the cube at Zürichhorn as an exhibition space for his collection of artworks – including everything from sketches and drawings to oil paintings, sculptures and furniture. When designing the Pavilion, which was inaugurated in 1967, Le Corbusier did away with concrete for the first time and created a building structure comprising only steel and glass. He remained true to his philosophy of “new architecture”, he constructed the supporting framework using flexible and modular elements using inexpensive and functional industrial materials. The roof appears separate from the building structure, hovering over it like an umbrella. Coloured enamel panels give the exterior of the cube a rhythmical structure. Set on the lake, this is a great day time activity for those looking to be inspired.


Lake Zurich


When promenading became popular in Zurich around 1800, the largest public park in Zurich at the time was developed around the basin of Lake Zurich, this once small riverside city, had been transformed into Switzerland’s largest city by the lake. The lakeside promenades are a meeting place for sun bathers, jewellery makers and street artists, who all gather here to create a vibrant scene. A great stop to people watch or  experience any of the many Lake Zurich activities.